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Double Floodlight w/Lifetime Warranty

"On behalf of my family I wish to thank you for the wonderful service you provided for the replacement of the 201-BK outdoor lights on our creek side home in South Carolina.   The 8 (eight) fixtures were purchased at Thomas Building Supply "Lighting Showroom" and installed in 1987.   After 30+ years of ocean saltwater breezes, the corrosive protection had met its limits of effectiveness.   I am returning several samples of these old light fixtures for your quality control to see how well they held up over three decades.   W. F. Harris should be proud of the years of quality service their products provide.   These outdoor floodlight fixtures served us well all these years.   Your unquestionable replacement is proof that your company stands by your lifetime warranty.   You are welcome to tell our experience of longevity of these lighting products and most assuredly reveal to home owners in the marketplace of this solid evidence that W. F. Harris stands behind the company´s expressed "lifetime warranty".   Sincerely appreciated."    HK − SC

"Our house was built in 1984 and our flood lights were put on by the builder. We have used them every evening to flood light the back yard for security when we let our dog out.  We are in Charlotte County, Florida and were at ground zero for Hurricane Charley.  Amazingly the flood lights survived but one of the hoods broke loose.  We looked over the lights and decided that with the wear and tear over the years...we should simply replace them with new ones.  I went to Home Depot store thinking that I could find them....they have nothing at all close!  We wanted the same brand...  I received my order QUICK...liked the prices....shipping wasn't bad at all....liked the other lights that you have...will probably order more in future...liked all the parts that you have available, too.  Home Depot would be wise to carry your products.  Thanks for being such a pleasant company to do business with!  We appreciate it, especially now."     CW - Florida

Polycarbonate Floodlights are Durable, Rustproof and Vandal resistant

Nite Owl Portable Spotlights Ideal for Law Enforcement.

"It is amazing when you get the right connection how things get rolling.....What I like about your lights is that they are durable and really don't cost a lot.....and with the repair parts that are available, they are economically repairable....You don't know how much research went into looking for these lights....I just about purchased every 12volt spotlight that was made to find the one that would work under these conditions(I purchased 14) ....And it has really paid off...I got some great lights that have saved many lives, plus gained a friend in the process.... Just think about it....if you would have never followed up on my first purchase in Oct, I would never have gotten your e-mail address to purchase more lights....Just amazing!!!!!"      G - Military

"The original fixtures were purchased from an industrial lighting supplier in San Leandro, CA about 10 years ago while I was employed at a nearby manufacturer.  I also obtained a W.F. Harris catalog from them.  I'm now retired and was glad to be able to order the replacement on line...also to see that your pricing has not changed significantly.  Since I had no trouble installing the original seven fixtures, it was easy to replace the one which had been destroyed by careless pressure washing prior to an exterior paint job.  I live right on the coast and salt mist tends to destroy anything except plastic, so the original purchase was to replace case aluminum floodlights which were "long gone".  Your website was easy to navigate and use and I compliment you on it.  I wish that all the suppliers with whom I've dealt provided the level of satisfaction that you have.  I still have the catalog and won't hesitate to inqire when ever we need additional lighting products.  Thank you."    RK - CA

"Yes, I've received your order confirmation and look forward to installing the new fixture early next week.  As I wasn't certain just where to look, I used Google and asked for lighting fixtures....Most are pretty much traditional stuff and as you know I was looking for something a bit more contemporary that fits our home. So, I guess it was just good luck for us. Thank you for your interest and your prompt response. Wish you well with your site and your business."    BG

Handcrafted Contemporary Luminaires with Incandescent or HID Light Sources.

Rustproof, Corrosion-resistant Floodlights Survive a Hurricane

"These are replacement fixtures for ones destroyed during Hurricane Ivan.   I was very pleased about the way the order was filled."B

"I found your website through a search. The order went flawlessly."      TC - Military

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LED Canopys Ideal for Covered Parking Areas


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